Is the Assembly a farce designed to justify a vote on killing unborn babies?

Most of you won’t be surprised by any assertion that the Citizens’ Assembly is looking more and more like a farce – a farce designed to justify holding a vote on killing unborn babies. That’s not the fault of the 99 citizens which make up the Assembly, many of whom no doubt have pro-life views […]

Why all the surprise at the result of the US Election?

The mainstream media, along with a host of celebrities, didn’t shy away from telling America how to vote this year. Sadly for them, people just didn’t seem to listen. Liberals and the mainstream media are reeling from what they refer to as Donald Trump’s “shock victory” in the long, drawn-out 2016 US Presidential Election. One […]

The Faux Feminism of the “Repeal Eight” hypocrites

An open letter to Ailbhe Smyth and the “Repeal the Eight” Feminist wannabes, I see you have invited abortion provider Ann Furedi to Dublin for a chat on the theme of: ‘Abortion and how to help us navigate the Irish Catholic misogynist oppressive laws’. Or something ‘original’ like that. I am amazed at your hypocrisy […]

Hysterics over repeal the 8th mural reveals deluded thinking of abortion campaigners

Three weeks ago a taxpayer-funded arts centre decided to join the political campaign to repeal the 8th amendment when it displayed a large pro-abortion mural in its Temple Bar headquarters. According to its audited accounts the Projects Arts Centre received more than a whopping €800,000 of your taxes and mine in 2013, and they have […]


On 16-19th. May, a Women Deliver[i] Global Conference took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event was described by the organizers as the world´s largest conference on health, rights and the well-being of girls and women. The focus was on how to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)[ii], with a specific focus on health – in […]

Huge media push for abortion fails to build grassroots support

Two months ago, up to 30,000 people brought Dublin to a standstill as crowds marched through the city-centre against abortion. The Rally for Life was led by people with disabilities advocating the theme that Every Life Matters, and it was a huge, colourful, upbeat celebration of Life. In contrast, the March for Choice, despite massive […]

Attempts to write the baby out of the abortion debate won’t succeed

It must be a strange place, that parallel universe of the pro-abortion campaigner, where killing is dressed up as compassion, and where, in stout denial of all the scientific facts, babies aren’t really human beings. Pregnant women aren’t really carrying a baby in their wombs you see. Maybe they find them in cabbage patches. Or […]

It should have been called ‘Abortion: Britain’s guilty secret’

Tonight RTÉ will show a documentary made by the BBC and entitled ‘Abortion: Ireland’s Guilty Secret’. As you’d expect from that loaded title, it’s largely a one-sided promotion of abortion, with a large dollop of British self-righteousness as the Irish people are castigated for thinking we can do better for both mother and child than legalising […]