Polls show that UK citizens want to stop population control funding abroad

Here’s a situation that is aggravating and bewildering: at a time when the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) is chronically underfunded, and the funds given to the most basic healthcare services are constantly being slashed, the same government has a £200 million budget to promote ‘reproductive and family planning’ (read: widespread use of contraceptives […]

Mega-rich Americans are funding the abortion push in Ireland. Why?

Thanks to DCLeaks.com and the work of journalist Kevin Jones the truth is finally out there. George Soros, a U.S. billionaire and one of the richest people in the world, has been secretly pumping funds into the push to legalise abortion in Ireland. In a private memo, clearly never intended to be seen by the […]


On 16-19th. May, a Women Deliver[i] Global Conference took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event was described by the organizers as the world´s largest conference on health, rights and the well-being of girls and women. The focus was on how to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)[ii], with a specific focus on health – in […]

Eradicating the poor: Why are billionaires paying for abortion?

Most countries with access to legal abortion have spawned organisations who exist to pay for poor women to have abortions. These organisations, often described as ‘Abortion Funds’, like to portray themselves as grassroots groups; ordinary folk struggling to assist women in crisis. In fact, they are usually ideology-driven abortion extremists who believe in abortion-on-demand above […]

We have seven billion people – not seven billion problems

We’ve just had a fortnight of the usual doom, gloom and outright hysteria as the world’s media collectively lamented the growth of the number of humans living on the planet. All the customary nonsense that has been churned out for the past 50 years was repeated. We’re going to run out of water; food shortages will cause unprecedented war, murder and looting; all these pesky people (excepting journalists and population experts of course) are ruining the planet, and their numbers need to be seriously curtailed before the sky falls on our heads.