Quadruple Jeopardy for the Unborn Child

The proposed change to the Constitution – to be voted on the 25th of May – will mean that the 8th Amendment, which protects the life of the unborn with due regard to the life of the mother, will be replaced with a statement that says: “Provision may be made by law for the regulation […]

Citizen’s Assembly speaker described abortions as ‘extremely gratifying’

Dear Citizens’ Assembly, As a pro-life feminist, I am rather bewildered by your invitations to “Doctors” Patricia Lohr and Gilda Sedgh (Hippocratic Oath, anyone?) to discuss abortion facts and stats around the world and how Ireland compares. Golly, they’re not trying to make us Irish look… backward and uneducated, are they? I do hope not. Lohr […]

Is the Assembly a farce designed to justify a vote on killing unborn babies?

Most of you won’t be surprised by any assertion that the Citizens’ Assembly is looking more and more like a farce – a farce designed to justify holding a vote on killing unborn babies. That’s not the fault of the 99 citizens which make up the Assembly, many of whom no doubt have pro-life views […]

Marie Stopes and their despicable abortion practice. When will the media report the truth?

A new series of reports has been released which is so shocking that the British mainstream media– which usually manages to ignore the seedier aspects of the abortion industry – has been forced to cover it.  It was revealed that Marie Stopes International (the UK’s largest abortion provider) is guilty of a plethora of ethical, […]

Why all the surprise at the result of the US Election?

The mainstream media, along with a host of celebrities, didn’t shy away from telling America how to vote this year. Sadly for them, people just didn’t seem to listen. Liberals and the mainstream media are reeling from what they refer to as Donald Trump’s “shock victory” in the long, drawn-out 2016 US Presidential Election. One […]

Four things that won’t happen because Hillary Clinton lost

Like most of you, I’m still trying to make sense of what happened last night. As Marco Rubio said during his concession speech, only Trump saw the tsunami coming, and now he’s ridden the wave right into the White House. What does that mean? We can’t possibly know that yet. The catharsis that many beleaguered […]

Fact checking the Journal’s fact checker on abortion

This week, the Journal ran a fact-check on the 20-page information booklet from the Life Institute used in the Life Canvass, and, much to the chagrin of abortion supporters, they didn’t find one false statement in it. The piece attracted a lot of comments from readers who were shocked to learn that 1 in every […]

Shifting the culture on abortion, door by door

At the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, we work to confront the culture with the truth about abortion every single day. We have large banners to reach commuters, hand-held educational displays to reach high school students and pedestrians, campus displays to reach university students, and postcards to reach everyone in possession of a mailbox. But […]