Abortion Buffer Zones on the Rise

It’s not exactly news. For many years now, the right to publicly protest has been coming under attack by people who are determined to shut down dissenting voices. You don’t actually need to be protesting to have your voice silenced – these days all you need is your publicly stated opinion that goes against the […]

Mattie McGrath calls out Dr Fergal Malone: in response Malone attacks the evidence

It was a telling moment at the farcical and, to quote Professor Patricia Casey,  “deeply imbalanced” Abortion Committee hearings. To date, all of the medical professionals who had been chosen by the largely pro-abortion TDs on the Committee, had spoken in favour of legalising abortion.  Not one pro-life doctor had been asked to give evidence. […]

Deformed abnormality: the ugly language used to attack children with a disability

Sometimes people use the kind of ugly, discriminatory and medieval language that says more about themselves than the people they are targeting. That was certainly the case last week when Bríd Smith, the People before Profit politician, spoke in the Dáil about preborn children who might suffer a severe disability because of contact with the […]

An Assembly to say which children can live and which can be killed

Enda Kenny’s government is rushing to put abortion on the political agenda, despite the fact that the hysteria about the 8th Amendment is entirely media-driven and only important to abortion campaigners and their wealthy and powerful international backers. The electorate rejected Labour and their abortion-obsession in the February election, and an RTÉ exit poll showed […]

Politicians in Stormont showed courage on abortion issue – we should ask the same of those seeking the Dáil

Two weeks ago, politicians in Stormont voted down two proposals to make abortion available in the north where the baby was either conceived by sexual assault or had a severe disability – a so-called ‘fatal, foetal abnormality’. The measures were decisively defeated. The proposal to allow abortion where a baby has a severe disability was […]

6 things you need to know about the Belfast Court abortion ruling

A Belfast High Court judge has ruled that abortion should be made available in the north of Ireland where the baby had a severe disability or was conceived through rape. The case was taken by the Northern Ireland Human Right Commission and the ruling has been described as driving a coach and horses through Northern […]

30,000 strong: why it’s so important that the Rally for Life crowd DOUBLED expectations

What a wonderful, uplifting, inspiring day. The sun shone on 30,000 people who packed O’Connell Street for the Rally for Life, and they came in their droves to send a strong, powerful message to the government – we want our mothers and babies to have constitutional protection from abortion. We were expecting a crowd of […]

Abortion clinic death: Women are just collateral damage to an increasingly exploitative abortion industry

A woman from Ireland bled to death after an abortion at a Marie Stopes clinic in West London. Three people – the abortionist, Dr Adedayo Adedeji, and two nurse colleagues, Gemma Pullen and Margaret Miller – who worked at the clinic have now been charged with manslaughter. Reporting from the Irish media on the case […]