Simon Harris and the appalling misuse of the Tragic C case

The narrative on the upcoming referendum is being hijacked by ‘alternative facts’, ‘fake news’ and a corruption of the truth by media commentators, politicians and, even in some cases, doctors themselves. A primary example is the narrative is that the 8th needs to be removed to save women’s lives. This is repeated ad nauseam, yet, […]

Catherine Noone’s tweet and the government’s failure to do their job instead of pushing abortion

Senator Catherine Noone, along with the majority of the present administration seem to have a confused interpretation of Terms of Reference that go with any particular job or role. Tweeting on Easter Sunday- presumably after the service had ended- the Senator was ‘disillusioned’ with the Catholic Church for, surprise surprise, enunciating Catholic teaching. For some […]

Stop the spin on Abortion, Coveney

Demonstrating what defenders of the 8th Amendment have been saying for months, Simon Coveney has shown that politicians cannot be trusted when it comes to abortion. An Tánaiste provided definitive proof that they neither have the ability or willingness to protect unborn life in any meaningful way if the 8th amendment to the Constitution is […]

Ailbhe Smyth and the patriarchy against pro-life feminism

Ailbhe Smyth, member of the pro-abortion Together for a Yes 8 “Coalition”, was once my lecturer in UCD and head of then-called WERRC (Women’s Educational Research and Resource Centre Department) while I was studying for my MA in Women’s Studies. She had plenty to say about patriarchal oppression and its treatment of women (but wasn’t […]

Harris is driving abortion agenda, but asleep at the wheel of the healthcare shambles  

The Irish health system is failing in terms of cost, patient satisfaction and waiting times, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), indicated on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day. And they say it is likely to get worse. Four days later it was reported that 714 sick people were on trolleys awaiting […]

‘Where have all the good men gone?’

Our current environment is taking aim at men who engage in and then do not take responsibility for sexually inappropriate behaviour.  While people may disagree on what is and isn’t ‘sexually appropriate’ behaviour I believe that attempts to address this issue are something people that are pro-life and pro-abortion can agree on. I think that […]

Dear Leo, the problem with ‘safe, legal & rare’ abortion

Dear Leo, I’ve read with some interest your comments on the pending referendum and wanted to comment on your wholly predictable use of the ‘safe, legal and rare’ cliché, in relation to abortion. No doubt you’re aware that this is a catchphrase “invented” by the Clintons: the man accused of multiple accounts of sexual harassment […]

The Times running social media ads targetting pro-life women with pro-Repeal stories

It appears that the Times and the Sunday Times have been deliberately targeting pro-life women with social media advertisements containing a story purporting to show the harm of the 8th amendment. You may have seen the story, shown below, popping up on your Facebook page recently, and you probably thought absolutely nothing of it.   […]