Mattie McGrath calls out Dr Fergal Malone: in response Malone attacks the evidence

It was a telling moment at the farcical and, to quote Professor Patricia Casey,  “deeply imbalanced” Abortion Committee hearings. To date, all of the medical professionals who had been chosen by the largely pro-abortion TDs on the Committee, had spoken in favour of legalising abortion.  Not one pro-life doctor had been asked to give evidence. […]

Citizen’s Assembly speaker described abortions as ‘extremely gratifying’

Dear Citizens’ Assembly, As a pro-life feminist, I am rather bewildered by your invitations to “Doctors” Patricia Lohr and Gilda Sedgh (Hippocratic Oath, anyone?) to discuss abortion facts and stats around the world and how Ireland compares. Golly, they’re not trying to make us Irish look… backward and uneducated, are they? I do hope not. Lohr […]

Simon Harris has money for abortion compensation but not for homeless pregnant women

Simon Harris, the Health Minister who recently professed his thanks to an Irish woman who tweeted her abortion, has offered €30,000 of taxpayer’s funds to another woman who went to the UN to challenge abortion laws. This has been lauded by the entire media establishment as compensation due for being ‘forced’ to travel abroad to […]

Let love shine through: what we can learn from #WorldWithoutDowns

In Sally Phillip’s profoundly moving and often joyous documentary, ‘A World Without Down Syndrome’, there is an especially poignant scene with Halldóra Jónsdóttir,  a beautiful and accomplished young woman living with Down Syndrome in Iceland. Halldóra had written an article defending her right to life – justifying her very existence – because children with Down Syndrome […]

Abortion push by Irish President’s wife an appalling abuse of power and privilege

Abortion is perhaps the most divisive and hotly-argued topic in Ireland today. Marches against abortion, such as the Rally for Life , draw tens of thousands of people, and in the most recent election, Labour, who promised to introduce wider abortion laws, were decimated in the polls. The right to life of Irish unborn children, […]

How the World Sees People with Down Syndrome – and How They See Themselves

The new public service announcement, “How Do You See Me?,” featuring actress Olivia Wilde, showcases the reality of how people living with Down Syndrome see themselves differently than the world sees them. The video spot, created by Italian organization CoorDown, seeks to raise awareness about Down Syndrome and challenge the public’s perception of people living […]

The Real Zika Killers

On February 1st, 2016 the World Health Organisation declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern in relation to the spread of the Zika virus, and estimated the amount of people infected by the virus as being over 4 million in the last 9 months. The virus, until 2015, was confined to parts of Africa, […]

Politicians in Stormont showed courage on abortion issue – we should ask the same of those seeking the Dáil

Two weeks ago, politicians in Stormont voted down two proposals to make abortion available in the north where the baby was either conceived by sexual assault or had a severe disability – a so-called ‘fatal, foetal abnormality’. The measures were decisively defeated. The proposal to allow abortion where a baby has a severe disability was […]