766 babies born alive after abortions and left to die in Canada over five years

My friend and fellow blogger Patricia Maloney, who has been covering the story of live-birth abortions for several years now, published some of her latest findings last week: According to new data, livebirth late-term abortions are still happening in Canada. And the numbers are way too high. According to CIHI, There were 766 late-term live-birth abortions in a five […]

Argentina pro-lifer reveals strategy behind country rejecting legal abortion

Last week, the senate of Argentina rejected the legalization of abortion by a mere handful of votes, sending shockwaves through the abortion movement and triggering wild celebrations from Argentinian pro-lifers who took to the streets by the thousands, waving the blue kerchiefs that had become the symbol of their movement. The outraged abortion activists responded with violence, chucking homemade fire-bombs and […]

Anti-Irish racism and Britain’s legalisation of abortion

As is widely known, abortion was legalised in practice in Great Britain by the Abortion Act of 1967, passed as the result of a Private Member’s Bill introduced by Liberal MP David Steel. Steel had been persuaded to do so by the Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRA) and, in a 2007 interview with The Guardian, he singles out […]

Argentinian bill to legalize abortion looks likely to fail

For weeks, abortion activists have been expressing confidence that Argentina could become the third nation in Latin America—after Cuba and Uruguay—to legalize abortion. According to Reuters just a few hours ago, however, it appears that Argentinian pro-lifers may have defeated yet another abortion law: Prospects faded over the weekend for a bill that would legalize abortion […]

Bully tactics from Harris on abortion may backfire

Any neutral commentator would have to conclude that Simon Harris is doing a terrible job as Minister for Health. The Health Service is in chaos, and despite his much-vaunted promises, the Minister  has utterly failed to improve the appalling numbers of people on waiting lists for essential services, or left lying on trollies in overcrowded hospitals. Doctors […]