Abortion Buffer Zones on the Rise

It’s not exactly news. For many years now, the right to publicly protest has been coming under attack by people who are determined to shut down dissenting voices. You don’t actually need to be protesting to have your voice silenced – these days all you need is your publicly stated opinion that goes against the […]

The changing positions of Varadkar and Harris on abortion

Simon Harris has had more positions on abortion than there are episodes of Big Bang Theory and he has proclaimed them all in public with the air of a man informing the electorate of a deeply held moral principle. The only person who has flopped this flip as almost as much is his current boss, […]

Consequences of repealing the 8th

The first consequence of the repeal of article 40.3.3, the 8th amendment will be the death of unborn children in Irish hospitals. A cascade of other consequences will follow. While some Irish women now seek abortions in the UK, Ireland’s abortion rate is estimated to be 5% but the rate in culturally comparable UK runs […]

Why is National Women’s Council using my taxes for a political pro-abortion campaign? 

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone that the National Women’s Council is out with (yet another) new campaign to repeal the right to life of preborn babies, all the while ignoring the evidence that abortion hurts women. It’s sad to think that in the 21st century some women still cling to the antiquated notion […]

Why Saturday’s National Life Canvass Day shows we will win this referendum

Last Saturday, along with hundreds of other people across the country, I joined the Life Canvass going door to door in the winter sunshine to save the 8th. It was the second National Life Canvass  Day and everywhere there were more teams, more canvassers, new volunteers and more people reached with the pro-life message. Just […]

Veronica O’Keane’s bizarre claims show Abortion Committee not interested in evidence

So did you hear the one about the professor who goes into a Dáil Committee. She says that “that the mental health of every person in Ireland is being damaged by the Eighth Amendment”. There is no punchline. Professor Veronica O’Keane’s claim is beyond a joke, but in the bizarre world of the Oireachtas Committee […]