Polls shows courage of families with disabilities changing abortion views

An opinion poll published last weekend has shown that public opinion is becoming increasingly pro-life in regard to protecting preborn children with a disability. There has been a significant fall in support for abortion on disability grounds, with a considerable majority now supporting the right to life of preborn children with disability This is entirely […]

How to Love Your Pro-Choice Enemies

We were walking along the street, side by side, mid-way through my first week as an office junior at a important firm in the heart of a large cosmopolitan city. That’s when my eighteen year old colleague Caitlyn (not her real name) started asking about my sex life before I was married. I was naturally […]

“Pull off a leg or two”: David Daleiden’s horrifying new bombshell video

Yesterday, the Center for Medical Progress released another video, a series of clips highlighting conversations with abortionists as they describe their trade. By the end of the day, YouTube had pulled the video down, and the Washington Post reports that a San Francisco judge has ordered David Daleiden and his attorneys, Steve Cooley and Brentford […]

The Fallacy of the Expatriate Vote

Memories are fresh from 2015 of the drive to bring Irish emigrants from far flung corners of the globe to vote in a certain Referendum. Campaigns such as “get the boat 2 vote” and “home to vote” rose to enormous prominence through social and mainstream media. With the headwinds of populist support blowing in their […]

The defense of life fights ideologies

Defending life at all times for the human being today is a complicated mission Ideologies gain ground among people who are not informed, or who are simply against the defense of life; for economic, demographic, and other reasons. It is more difficult, since the preborn baby is defenseless, and can not flee from those who […]

6 proofs the Citizens’ Assembly was a pro-abortion farce

The Assembly contrived by the government to help push a change in our abortion laws has voted in favour of abortion-on-demand, without almost any restrictions at all. But here’s 6 proofs that the Citizens’ Assembly was a pro-abortion farce from the beginning. 1. The outcome was predetermined. Before the Assembly met for the first time, […]