A quiet pro-life revolution is changing everything in the battle to Save the 8th

Sometimes you can feel a shift in public opinion before you see it in the polls. When you’re at the coalface of campaigning you can gauge it in the conversations and reactions of the people who matter – the ordinary, decent people who will vote on the 8th amendment in a referendum. These are the […]

Want to Save the 8th? Then be part of the Life Canvass on Tuesday

On Tuesday next, the most important, the most powerful, and the most influential person in the country on the abortion issue is you – because you have the power to change hearts and minds and Save the 8th amendment. You can meet people at their doors, talk to them, share your genuine compassion with them, […]

Be ready to Vote!

In the event of a Referendum on abortion, every vote will be vital. Are you ready if and when a vote is called? Some may not be registered to vote, or may have moved house but not applied to change their place of voting.  Registering is easy and forms for a first time voter are […]

‘Witches for abortion’ and other abortion bus madness

I wondered this week if we had reached peak repeal madness when the self-described ‘witches for abortion’ came out to meet the fake abortion pill bus in Cork. But we can probably all be quietly confident that, trapped as they are in a deluded bubble where fawning media coverage is always guaranteed, abortion campaigners will […]

Fake news around pretend ‘Strike’ for Repeal is the norm for mainstream media

You may have seen that media commentators are in a major tizzy about something called ‘fake news’, which they say is having an influence on public opinion, and that this is a Very Bad Thing. The irony here is that fake news is nothing new in the mainstream media, and the breathless reporting on the […]