Why rapists love abortion

There are very few intelligent arguments in favor of legal abortion, but there are very few as exceptionally stupid as the one fired at me on Twitter yesterday by “ProChoicePEI,” who describes herself as a “Pro-choice advocate, feminist. Exposing the hypocrisy and misinformation of the ‘pro-life’ movement on PEI.” My colleague made the point that […]

What motivates a late-term abortionist? ‘After Tiller’ gives us a glimpse

  On May 31, 2009, late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller was shot by a mentally disturbed convicted felon named Scott Roeder. The darkness of late-term abortion and infanticide was met with the darkness of murder. In the aftermath, condemnations and accusations abounded as activists, talking heads, and politicians argued about who, exactly, had more blood […]

What happens when Planned Parenthood activists debate pro-lifers?

You know what’s usually good for a painful chuckle? When those advocating for abortion pretend that science supports their position. That is why footage of a debate on “personhood” at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado between Planned Parenthood’s college outreach group, “Advocates for Choice” and pro-life opponents in October of 2010 was so revealing. […]

If it weren’t for all those pesky protestors

I recently attended the federal bench trial, Planned Parenthood Southeast Inc., et al v. Robert Bentley et al, in Montgomery, Alabama. Planned Parenthood is suing the state for passing a new regulation that requires all abortionists to obtain hospital privileges local to the clinics at which they perform procedures. This is how it went down… […]

Tuam babies deserve truth and justice, not cynical exploitation

Last week, I wrote that a full inquiry should be immediately undertaken in relation to the death and burial of children in mother and baby homes. The announcement that a Commission of Investigation will now be established, and will examine burials and rates of child and infant mortality, as well as investigating the nature of […]

Number of babies with Down Syndrome aborted in UK twice the number recorded

The number of abortions performed in the UK on mothers carrying babies with Down’s Syndrome looks to be far higher than previously thought according to a recent report by the UK Department of Health. The same report found that UK abortion doctors are breaking the law by not keeping proper records and documenting the correct […]

Family Court judge orders forced abortion

This story is truly disturbing. According to the Huffington Post UK: “A ‘very damaged’ 13-year-old girl was ordered to have an abortion by Britain’s most senior family judge, it has been revealed. The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was impregnated by a 14-year-old boy and initially wanted to keep her baby.” That’s […]

Shocking revelations from Tuam should bring us to protect mothers and babies

UPDATE: Rosita Boland’s article in the Irish Times calls the Irish media to account for their rush to print on the Tuam babies story without checking the facts. The hysterical headlines we’ve seen go around the world have unfortunately become part and parcel of Irish journalism. As I said below, mothers and babies were treated […]