Abortion for Reality TV? It’s a woman’s Right to Choose

Recently, a ‘reality star’ in the UK caused consternation when she announced that she was going to abort her 17-week old unborn baby in order to ‘become famous’. Josie Cunningham has since, thankfully, changed her mind because she felt her unborn baby kicking, but most of the furore surrounding her interview missed the point. The […]

The Peril of Obedience

Intrigued by the most common justification used by the defendants at the Nuremberg Trials, Yale psychologist Stan Milgram decided to undertake a study in 1963 into why we follow orders. His wanted to see if obedience to authority took precedence over personal conscience, and if this was a German trait or a general human disposition. […]

Precious Life attended the European Parliament’s public hearing

On 10th April 2014 I and some other members of Precious Life attended the European Parliament’s public hearing for the European Citizen Initiative One of Us. With nearly two million collected signatures of support, the One of Us initiative was presented as the largest petition in the European Parliament’s history. The aim of this initiative […]

It is hard to fail…unless you’re the abortion industry

Recently, a statement I made on Facebook was openly challenged. Or, rather, a statement I reposted from Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who, at a youth conference in California, stated: “We’re on the verge of the total annihilation of the abortion cartel.” Now, I will admit, that is a very strong statement, and I can […]

What Makes You Different Is What Makes You Beautiful

This picture is important. Many children diagnosed with Down Syndrome and other special needs are aborted – and we need to be talking about this disturbing fact. Catholics need to be outspokenly, unapologetically pro-life because every single life is precious and deserves a chance at life. I have written here before about babies with fetal […]