Burning babies: awakening Britain to the horror of abortion

The horror stories from Britain in relation to abortion just keep coming. It seems as if they are getting steadily worse. This week, Channel 4’s Dispatches broke the news that the bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, and sometimes even used to heat hospitals. It wasn’t an isolated […]

The words of William Wilberforce inspire a 21st century battle for human rights

History has a terrible habit of repeating itself. The defence of human dignity is a permanent battle that engages people of goodwill. William Willberforce, a towering figure in the battle to abolish slavery, bequeathed to us a lifetime of insights that are hugely pertinent in today’s struggle to end abortion. Pro-life activists today can also […]

The marketing of abortion

“Abortion is now a monster so unimaginably gargantuan that even to think of stuffing it back into its cage…is ludicrous beyond words. Yet that is our charge – a herculean endeavor…I am one of those who helped usher in this barbaric age.” Dr. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of NARAL   How unrestricted abortion was sold to […]

Eradicating the poor: Why are billionaires paying for abortion?

Most countries with access to legal abortion have spawned organisations who exist to pay for poor women to have abortions. These organisations, often described as ‘Abortion Funds’, like to portray themselves as grassroots groups; ordinary folk struggling to assist women in crisis. In fact, they are usually ideology-driven abortion extremists who believe in abortion-on-demand above […]

Pro-life activists are putting up with hate and bigotry for many years now

Eoghan de Faoite sent this letter to the Irish Catholic following David Quinns article on ‘The new sectarianism’ 2nd March 2014 Dear Editor, David Quinn’s article ‘The new sectarianism’ (February 27th) highlighted the intolerance, verbal abuse, threatened physical abuse and media hypocrisy that has been displayed towards him and the Iona Institute in recent months. […]

Of all the causes to choose, why pro-life?

One of the most common questions we as pro-lifers get asked is why we have chosen to engage in full-time pro-life work. Of all the career paths to choose, why choose to take a job that consists of long hours, a low salary, and antipathy from the general public? Why this issue? Why this cause? […]