Pro-Life Work: Combatting Hatred with Kindness

I was contemplating today how often I’m forced to write about how extraordinarily depressing our society has become in many senses. While examining various news sources, I came across an article in Slate Magazine by William Saletan, advocating for abortion’s legality in the early gestational stages and its illegality in the later stages, for reasons […]

Gimme Shelter and the Choices We Make

Every day we make choices. Some choices don’t really affect anything in our lives, while others have the capacity to shift our life in a whole new direction Gimme Shelter is all about the choices we make. The film starts off with Vanessa Hudgens standing in a bathroom, chopping off her hair saying, “I’m not […]

When governments kill

Why is it that left-wingers suddenly develop an ironclad belief in government non-intervention—only when we’re talking about endorsing and funding the practice of suctioning, chemically poisoning, dismembering, and otherwise dispensing with the youngest human beings in our society? It would be amusing, I think, if it wasn’t so murderously morbid. I’ve been on the road […]

Anatomy of a smear – the Irish Times abortion story that isn’t

Ed: The Irish Times have failed to answer questions raised about the claims and false suggestions made in a recent article on pro-life presentations in schools. Questions raised on twitter by commentator John McGuirk forced the Irish Times to admit that their suggestion smearing pro-life groups was false. He has an interesting take on the […]

What I learnt from 12 Years a Slave

Last week I finally got to watch the acclaimed film 12 Years a Slave, which tells the story of Solomon Northup, a free black man from upstate New York, who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in Louisiana. It’s a harrowing and unflinching film that doesn’t spare the viewer – and rightly so. A scene […]

Women deserve better than Planned Parenthood on Valentine’s Day

On Monday, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards tweeted out this Vine video and used the hashtag #WhatWomenNeed: Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies. I don’t know who exactly Cecile is referring to, but I’m guessing that it doesn’t go much farther than her staff at Planned Parenthood. Men – Do you have a special girl in your […]

The Silenced Children

Every life is precious, and deserves the chance to live. This is the clear and concise belief the pro-life movement, and everyone who participates in the pro-life movement. In the pro-life movement, we constantly hear stories of girls who “aren’t ready to have a baby”, and women who “don’t have the resources to raise a […]

Another epic fail from the Irish Times on abortion

What’s very clear from this new debacle caused by yet another bout of Irish Times misreporting is that the paper has lost all credibility when it comes to abortion. The incendiary suggestion was made by Peter McGuire in a lengthy article on pro-life presentations in schools. McGuire began the article with a provocative paragraph claiming […]