Parents deserve truth about fatal foetal abnormalities

A version of this article appeared in the Irish Independent on 25 November 2013 Hearing that your unborn baby has a serious or terminal illness is amongst the worst news a parent will ever have to face. Every parent in this devastating situation deserves not just our sympathy but our support, as do their unborn […]

Fear and loathing in the abortion wars

“You should have been aborted.” Of all the random insults tossed at pro-lifers, this is probably the most frequent, tiresome, and predictable. When faced with people who say we shouldn’t kill other, inconvenient people, the knee-jerk reaction of these winsome ambassadors of Third Wave Feminism is to find that inconvenient, and suggest you should have […]

Multi-million dollar abortion pushers bring Ireland to UN court

The global media were buzzing this week with the well-flagged announcement that Ireland’s pro-life ethos was under attack, yet again, by an international court challenge. But while the media preferred to focus on describing Ireland’s laws as ‘inhuman and cruel’, they were careful not to reveal that a million-dollar, US-based organisation is behind this new […]

Abortion was cause of woman’s death in Rotunda: where are the Irish Times now?

Bimbo Onanuga died having suffered massive internal bleeding when her baby delivered into Ms Onanuga’s abdominal cavity after her womb ruptured. This was an horrific tragedy with abortion at its centre, yet there are no screaming headlines in the Irish Times, no shouts for justice from the national broadcaster, RTÉ, and no vigils arranged by […]

British abortion advert a grubby attempt to drum up business for a grisly trade

The Irish Times charges €17,000 to run a half-page advert. Clearly, the British abortionists, BPAS, who booked a prominent advert in the paper last weekend, has plenty of cash to spare. BPAS, who boasts that it provides some 55,000 abortions in Britain every year, received more than £26 million in British taxpayers funds in 2012. […]