On Trying To Convince A Girl To Get An Abortion

When a colleague sent me an article titled How To Convince A Girl To Get An Abortion, I was pretty sure it was satire. I mean, abortion activists have been increasingly less apologetic about their penchant for feticide, academics have been kowtowing to the idea of “forced fatherhood,” and “abortion contracts” may become “a thing,” […]

SIPO: One law for pro-life and another for pro-aborts?

Every so often, one of the Irish media outlets will try to resurrect an entirely manufactured controversy about pro life groups not being registered with the political regulator, SIPO. To the interest of almost no-one at all, they will print column after column shrieking about various red herrings such as sources of funding. It’s all […]

Forced fatherhood: Boys will be boys

Some weeks back, I was asked on a radio program what I as a pro-life activist had to say about Father’s Day. My answer was simple: Where are all the fathers? In today’s hookup culture, the dynamics of so-called “choice” (and, for that matter, so-called “family”) are becoming increasingly messy and complex. Women and men […]

Disingenuous spin from Peter Boylan should not deflect hospital from refusing abortion

Dr Peter Boylan is an experienced and expert obstetrician. His views on maternal healthcare should be respected. When he veers into political commentary, however, he has shown himself capable of coming out with the most disingenuous spin. Take the remarks he made recently following Fr Kevin Doran’s comments that the ethos of the Mater Hospital […]

Killing the Blessings

Every once in a while, I read something that surprises me with its impact. On Tuesday, I stumbled across an article posted on the “Gender Focus” website just a few minutes before—the opening sentence was: “This afternoon I had an abortion.” The word “abortion” doesn’t lose its power when you see what it looks like […]

Better dead than disabled?

In May of 2010, the staff and interns of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform were delighted and privileged to have a very special guest: a man named Nick Vujicic. Aside from being a world renowned motivational speaker, possessing a double Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Financial Planning, who meets with leaders from around the […]