The State ignored Gosnell

As new details come to light about Gosnell and the stomach churning horrors of his clinic, it becomes hard to ignore the fact that he operated a filthy, sub-standard “medical practice” in front of everyone’s eyes for some time. It seems impossible that no one within the city or state health department would have some […]

Legislating for X: Medical Science and the Separation of Powers

Dr Maria Cahill No Supreme Court ever wants to be in the position of prescribing a treatment plan for a person suffering from a life-threatening medical condition. In the X case, in 1992, however, this is exactly the situation the Supreme Court found itself in. The case dealt with the most distressing of factual circumstances […]

Safe abortion is a myth

Blogpost 4 of 5 on the Gosnell case   After a period of media silence relating to the Gosnell trial, the issue has suddenly been thrust into the spotlight with many different opinions coming from all sides of the abortion debate. Many pro-choice activist have made it crystal clear that the reason for Gosnell being […]

Media silence on the Gosnell Trial and how it was overcome

As one of the most horrific and historic trials began and continued for weeks against Doctor Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist accused of beheading babies born alive, the American mainstream media remained exceptionally silent and the story went virtually unreported by traditional news media. Finally, at the end of last week, two events helped bring Gosnell’s […]

Gruesome details emerge from abortionist’s trial

Blogpost 2 of 5 on the Gosnell case Bone chilling details continue to emerge from the trial regarding the “house of horrors” abortion clinic run by Doctor Kermit Gosnell, who has been accused of killing seven babies and one female patient. Over the past weeks, jurors have experienced the courtroom being transformed into the squalor […]

Gosnell and the grisly abortion industry

Blogpost 1 of 5 on the Gosnell Clinic Trial On February 18, 2010, FBI agents entered Doctor Kermit Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society, located in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in connection with an illegal drug investigation. What was discovered would lead to the abortion clinic being dubbed a “house of horrors” and a story more gruesome than […]

Stick to what you know: Noam Chomsky fails biology 101

Last week Prof Noam Chomsky, the well-known linguist and left-wing activist, took Ireland to task for our protection of unborn human life. In a discussion on women’s rights in Islamic States he told Ireland’s Newstalk Radio that when it comes to “the treatment of women, one thing Ireland could do is look at itself.” “Just […]

Planned Parenthood CEO says Enough Is Enough (we couldn’t agree more)

I traveled to Montgomery, Alabama this week to sit in on a vote for HB57, the Women’s Health and Safety Act, which will create stricter regulations for abortion clinics. There are currently four clinics in the state – five when you count the one in Birmingham attempting to operate illegally. All of them, of course, […]