Abortion in France gives Ireland the benefit of hindsight

Dr Bénédicte Sage-Fuller and Dr Grégor Puppinck Anyone who thinks that opening the door to restricted abortion can be kept to narrow and well intended cases should take a look at the French example. Legalised in 1975, abortion was at the time all about the dignity of women when facing a distressing situation. It was […]

Chile and Ireland, where motherhood really is safe

ELARD KOCH explains why both Chile and Ireland are placed among the world safest nations for motherhood in their respective regions. What makes Chile and Ireland similar countries in matters of maternal health and abortion? In September 2012 I had the invaluable opportunity to participate as a member of the Committee on Excellence in Maternal […]

What the mainstream media never sees (besides everything)

This morning I typed “Kermit Gosnell Trial” into my search bar. I thought, “There was some pretty serious testimony given this week. The prosecution even reconstructed one of the rooms from Gosnell’s ‘shop of horrors’ for the jury to see. Surely mainstream media has picked it up by now.” Negative. The only story that came […]

Pro-abortion Labour now below 10% in poll and dragging Fine Gael down with them

The pro-abortion Labour Party has now sunk to a low of 9% in a new poll, while Fine Gael are still polling below Fianna Fáil, who have been telling voters they are pro-life in recent months and have watched their numbers rise. On the Vincent Browne show last week Thomas Byrne of Fianna Fáil said […]

Precious Life bring 250,000 ‘Petitions of Concern’ to Stormont

Precious Life presented 250,000 petitions to the Northern Ireland Assembly before MLAs began debating an amendment aimed at stopping private abortion centres like MARIE STOPES INTERNATIONAL from killing unborn babies. The pro-life group said they were bringing the democratic voice of the people to Stormont. The amendment was doomed to failure after Sinn Fein’s 29 […]