Enda Kenny’s kamikaze mission on abortion

(A version of this article appeared in The Journal) A second opinion poll in rapid succession shows that public support for Fine Gael is now on a downward spiral, and that the party has now been overtaken by Fianna Fáil. The figures are startling: Fine Gael, who almost won an overall majority in 2011, have […]

You MUST watch this: New video demolishes the case for abortion on suicide grounds

Want to see proof that abortion is not a treatment for suicide? Take 2 minutes to watch this vitally important new video which uses the evidence of medical experts to demolish the case for legalising abortion on suicide grounds. WATCH it, SHARE it, LIKE it, COMMENT on it! The video, released today by the Life […]

1861 Offences Against The Person Act is an all-Ireland safeguard for unborn children

In December, the Irish Government announced their plan to introduce legislation for “abortion in limited circumstances.” Changing the law on abortion in the south of Ireland will have serious consequences for the whole of Ireland. The battle to protect unborn children on this island is an all-Ireland battle. If abortion is legalised in the Republic, […]

Another woman dead: the government needs to wake up to the reality of abortion

The woman who entered LeRoy Carhart’s late abortion facility in Maryland last week, was 29 years old and 33-weeks pregnant.

30,000 canvassers against Fine Gael? The Vigil for Life was just the beginning

Extraordinary, amazing, powerful, momentous. The Vigil for Life has made January 19th a historic day; a day when the pro-life majority were heard loud and clear and in unprecedented numbers. After a week of rain and wind, Saturday morning was the calm before the beautiful storm. And what a day, what a marvellous day, it […]

Legal views at hearings mostly lack compassion or sense of equality

The recent Oireachtas Committee hearings on abortion heard submissions from three legal practitioners, Ciara Staunton of NUIG, Jennifer Schweppe of the University of Limerick, and Simon Mills who, as well as being a barrister, is also a qualified doctor, though not an expert in maternal healthcare. As well as giving their views and perspectives, Mills presented a draft abortion bill to the Committee.