At the pro-abortion Action on X meeting: rants and one magical moment

As a prelude to my Lenten penance, last Tuesday evening I attended the widely advertised Action on X Public Meeting in the Gresham Hotel in Dublin’s city centre. The significance of what was said at the meeting for pro-lifers such as myself cannot be condensed and conveyed in one succinct blog post. Therefore, for the purposes of this first part, I, as a pro-life male, will focus on the male interventions and the one magical pro-life moment at the meeting. This, I am sure, is all I am fit for in the eyes of the feminist fundamentalists and abortion absolutists who were running the show.

Studies show pregnant women can be treated for cancer ‘without harming baby’

The abortion cheerleaders must have been seething this week when a collection of studies published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, showed that abortion is not required to treat pregnant women who develop cancer.

20 years after X: What we must do now to KEEP abortion out of Ireland

Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Life Institute has an important article on LifeSiteNews this week. She explains why abortion legislation was not brought forward in the aftermath of the X case, points to the current global push to see abortion legalised in Ireland, and explains what we need to do now to stop that happening.

Did Komen back down? Why this may yet be beginning of decline for Planned Parenthood

The pro-aborts were jubilant. After three days of absolute media hysteria, it seemed that Susan G. Komen had caved. The cancer charity seemed to have reversed their decision to defund Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider. The question many people were asking was why?

BLOG: Komen dumps Planned Parenthood – it may just be the first of many

The marvellous Jill Stanek has a most interesting post on her blog about the great news that a major cancer charity has dumped Planned Parenthood (PP).